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We are an approved Roof Maxx Dealer for Orange County and the surrounding areas. Ask us how we can save you thousands of dollars and add years of life to your declining roof.

Roof Maxx® is a scientifically formulated, and 100% safe, plant-based roof rejuvenating spray treatment that was developed by Battelle Labs, the world’s largest private research and development company.
The Ohio State University conducted testing on Roof Maxx and found that:
Roof Maxx restored the flexibility of 17-year old roof shingles, successfully passing the same materials testing required for new roof shingles.

Benifits of Roof Maxx:

1. Rejuvenates Old Shingles

Roof Maxx’s proprietary mix of soy methyl ester and other ingredients is sprayed on by trained roofing technicians. It goes to work immediately, soaking into old fiberglass-asphalt shingles to replace lost petrochemicals which kept your shingles flexible.

The spray coating soaks in for up to 72 hours and is impervious to water within a half-hour of application. It restores your shingles to near-new condition, helping them to shed water, keep granules in place, and resist blunt force impacts which tear, crack, and cut shingles.

2. Adds Durability to Existing Shingles

Roof Maxx makes each shingle more flexible, increasing its pliability so it can resist hail impact, broken branches, or the occasional misplaced baseball. 

Though designed to replace vital oils needed to keep asphalt-based shingles pliable and resilient, Roof Maxx does not increase the risk of flame spread, nor does it make your roof more susceptible to fire.

3. Increases Life Span of Your Roof

Many fiberglass-asphalt roofs are designed for 20 years of dependable service. After that, volatile petrochemicals which once made the shingles resistant to impact, flexible against wind uplift, and water-resistant are lost to evaporation. 

One spray-on application of Roof Maxx can extend your roof’s useful life by up to 15 years. That is money in your pocket, year after year.

One of the leading causes of water infiltration in shingle roofs is the loss of granules which resist water penetration. Another is the loss of the chemicals which bind the shingles together. Roof Maxx takes care of both problems with one fast, thorough spray coating.

Roof Maxx comes with a five-year fully transferable warranty, too, so if you sell your home, the new owner continues to benefit from the warranty protection.  

Professional Application

Roof Maxx is a professionally applied product. Contact Us to schedule a visit to your Canton-area home and allow us to explain the additional benefits of this fine product. A single application of Roof Maxx can rejuvenate an old roof, add durability, and increase your roof’s life span!

If your roof isn't missing more than 30% of the shingles granules, you're probably a good candidate for Roof Max. The process is simple!

A Detailed Inspection

This essential first step ensures that Roof Maxx is right for you. We take pictures of any items of concern found during the inspection of your roof to share with you and offer simple repair solutions.

Maintenance to Your Roof

Before treating with Roof Maxx, we perform a tune-up of your entire roofing system, with focus on the flashings, the most leak-prone areas of your roof.

Apply Roof Maxx Treatment

The application is quick, clean and 100% safe, typically taking less than two hours. Your roof’s flexibility and waterproofing protection returns within 72 hours.

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